Agron Dragaj is a Swiss - Kosovar photojournalist and filmmaker currently based in Jerusalem. He graduated from Prishtina University in 1992 and New York Institute of Photography (NYIP). Passion for photography led him to become a versatile, extrovert and independent photographer. 

Over twenty five years Agron covered major events in the Balkans, (Bosnia and Kosovo) South East Asia (Including Afghanistan, Iraq, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Pakistan, Vietnam, Mindanao - Philippines) and Africa (Mauritania and Senegal). 

Five years of work in Sri Lanka went into the documentary "Portraits of Displacement", which portrays the displacement and humanitarian relief efforts of UN agencies and I/NGOs - due not only to two decades of civil war but also the displacement of people after the Tsunami which hit Sri Lankan coast on 26 December 2004. 

Some of his work appeared in:  

Time, Geo, the Guardian, der Spiegel, National Geographic, CNN Traveler, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Businessweek magazine, Le Figaro, Daily news, Internacionale,Silver Kris, Etihad inflight magazine, Amana magazine, JPG magazine, Sky magazine, UNICEF, UNHCR, OHCHR, WFP, UNDP , IOM, JTI Foundation for web, printed publications for awareness raising and news.  


International photography contest "Gjon Mili" 2007 - Kosovo  

Charity in Focus photography contest 2007 

Some of Agron's limited edition work can be purchased through:  

Saatchi Art - London, UK 

recent events / exhibitions:  

02 -11 February 2006 

photo exhibition "Frozen Moments" Trincomalee Sri Lanka 

29 June 2007 

photo exhibition "World Refugee Day"  

Barefoot gallery - Colombo Sri Lanka 

01 -30 August 2007 

International photo contest and exhibition 

"Gjon Mili 2007" Prishtina, Kosova 

13 - 31 October 2007  

"Uncomfortable landscapes" Gallery Primo piano livingallery - Lecce Italy 

05 December 2007 - 01 February 2008 

"Life, culture and celebrations" 

images from Chinatowns around the world 

Chinese museum - Melbourne Australia 

31 May- 30 July 2008 


exhibition of portraits 

F-Stop Gallery - Bangkok Thailand 

14-16 September 2012 

Festival of HOPE 2012 (Artists for Human Rights) 

@ Keselhaus & Machinenhaus (Kulturbrauerei) BERLIN, GERMANY 

09 February - 19 February 2016 

Personal exhibition " Hope " 

National Museum, Nouakchott, Mauritania 

ongoing exhibition: